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Osteopathy observes the human body as a singular unit, with all systems relating and affecting one another. The assessment and treatment are thorough and will involve not only the painful area, but also other regions and systems contributing to the issue. A treatment generally involves soft tissue techniques, joint mobilization, stretching and exercise prescription. Other modalities may also be used in the treatment, such as: acupuncture, cupping therapy, shockwave, and taping.

Massage Therapy

Massage Therapy encompasses myofascial release and soft tissue techniques, which can help to manage pain, increase range of motion, facilitate relaxation, and encourage more efficient movement patterns. Other modalities may also be used in the treatment, such as: acupuncture, cupping therapy, shockwave, and taping.

Shockwave Therapy

Shockwave therapy uses high frequency sound waves on tight and/or damaged tissue in order to increase tissue perfusion, reduce pain, and breakup scar tissue and calcification. This is an effective treatment for tendinopathy, scar tissue, plantar fasciopathy, as well as to promote bone and tissue healing post injury.


Acupuncture is a modality that involves inserting very thin needles into the body in order to affect muscles, ligaments, joints and nerves. It can be very effective in managing pain, reducing muscle tension, treating trigger points, encouraging relaxation and treating visceral dysfunctions. The needles can be applied on their own, manipulated or attached to electrical stimulation for added effect.

Exercise Rehabilitation

Exercise is perhaps the most important part of injury rehabilitation. A tailored assessment-based exercise program can not only help improve function of the affected structure, but also the underlying strength and mobility deficits that contributed to the injury in the first place. It is the cornerstone of effective injury management and long-term results. 

Concussion therapy

Concussion symptoms are unique for everyone, and therefore need a tailored assessment-based protocol for full recovery. Concussion management typically includes patient education, stress reduction techniques, balance and eye exercises, as well as treatment of the cervical spine.

Women's Health

The female body goes through incredible changes throughout pregnancy, post-partum, and menopause. For some women, these changes can result in musculoskeletal pain conditions, visceral issues and incontinence. Though these issues have become normalized, they are not a 'normal' effect of aging or childbirth. Exercise and manual therapy can be effective interventions to improve quality of life, regardless of the stage of life. 

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